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In today’s business world, dealing with stress management and burnout prevention is the order of the day. Do we have to be under constant pressure, overly exert ourselves and feel emotionally and physically drained in order to be successful in business? Is that the price of success?

There are a host of simple and easy-to-learn methods that are far too little known in the business world. This is your opportunity to experience some of them for yourself and to discover how they can contribute to making your life and business easier and more enjoyable.

Access Bars®

What if there was a very simple way to reduce the constant chatter going on inside your head without having to go to a monastery or meditate for hours on end?

What if you could experience instant relaxation and recharge your batteries both quickly and easily?

Access Energetic Facelift

The Access Facelift is a gentle and very effective method of activating your body’s natural healing and regenerative powers.

Many limiting energies and judgements are trapped in the face, head and chest. What if you could relax and treat your body to an energising fountain of youth?

Symphony of Possibilities

Everything within us and around us is energy. We are all energetically connected to each other, to the earth, to nature and to all things. Unfortunately, nobody teaches us how to perceive and utilise this energy.

A symphony session is not for therapy or healing. It opens you up to the world of energy and empowers you to know that the choice is always yours and that you can change anything – truly anything.

Access Body Processes

In our search for success, happiness and opportunities, we often forget to factor our bodies into the equation. It is burdensome, it gets in our way, it doesn’t work the way we want it to and it holds us back.

What if your body had the power to contribute to you, your life and your business? What if you could live in real connection with your body?

ESSE – Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

Cientific studies have shown that molecular structures react to the observer’s point of view. That applies to everything – electrons, water and even the body’s fascial system. Deep touch can help to change the structure of your body. An ESSE session invites you to enter into a dialogue with your body.

Personal Consultation

Are you at a crossroads in your life and unsure of the direction you want to take?

Is there an issue that has been bothering you for a long time – one that you simply can’t get over?

Or, are you full of drive but don’t really know what to do with it?

What if simple questions could empower you to realise that you know all of the answers – always?

Prices (in euros)

Session duration 30 min.

Session duration 60 min.

Session duration 90 min.

35,00 €

165,00 € (10,00 €)

330,00 € (20,00 €)

65,00 €

310,00 € (25,00 €)

600,00 € (50,00 €)

90,00 €

400,00 € (50,00 €)

800,00 € (100,00 €)

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